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Halfass to Badass Podcast

Nov 10, 2021

Dr. John Demartini, Is the world in perfect balance or not?

It’s time for a brand-new episode of Halfass to Badass. This topic will be very different from past episodes and will answer questions that are top of mind for millions of people around the world.

John F. Demartini will give you amazing perspectives, some you never heard before, that will open up your world. Doctor John Demartini is a world-renowned human behavior expert, bestselling author of multiple books with over 4 decades of research across multiple disciplines and voted top human behavior specialist of the year by the international association of top professionals and also a good friend I trust. We welcome doctor John Demartini to the show.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why the world today seems so polarized. Masks, no masks etc. Have we always been this polarized or is it just a perception?

  • Despite everything happening around in the world right now, is the world in perfect balance or not?

  • What is a wise way of dealing or navigating through this pandemic? Is this just a time in history that will pass?

  • How do we change our perspectives around the problems the pandemic has caused? How do we move forward?

Let's dive into the episode!